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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Of all things vanity...

What does it matter if you are wearing a Patek Philippe watch, driving a Ferrari Enzo with a temperament of a 10 year old?

I just viewed Star Trek: Nemesis on HBO recently...(yes, I am el cheapo! Don't pay for overpriced tickets when you can just watch it for free even though will have to wait a year for it!), it tried to convey an interesting point. What happens if you ARE cloned or YOU are the clone? Will life seem useless? Would you want to be better or different from your original? In fact, isn't that what we are all doing? We want to be better...different...somehow...to be set apart from the others...by the clothes we wear, the car we drive, the status symbols.

Wouldn't it be better if people can come to realize that instead of improving what we buy...jumping from a Tercel to a BMW M3, try to improve ourselves instead. By being more patient toward one another, better mannered, improving our EQ, cleaning up house, visiting a relative (improving relationships). Instead, it seems like everybody is starting to go the other way...the Tercel to BMW M3 instead of how to improve my anger management, etc. Instead of trying to improve what is on the outside...why not try to improve what is on the inside?

BE wearing a Patek Philippe watch, driving a Ferrari Enzo with a temperament of Mother Teresa.

The endeavor for daily self improvment...its as much a necessity as breathing, sleeping, eating, drinking, crapping, pissing, sex and exercising.


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