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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Borg collective...

Maybe it would all seem worth while...if all our experiences are somehow left alive...besides just remnants of what we have done, statues in honor (if we get THAT good), big corporations affecting the world from CEOs (the kings of our time).

Maybe if we are all added into a collective...like the borgs. That would somehow make it feel more satisfactory and worthy to live in.

So it seems as if what is most important right now are our experiences in life. Every small decision we make, how we talk to our neighbor this morning, how we decide to handle a task, how we decide to feel that day. No matter what we do...be it washing dishes as a job or being cut off by a rude driver on the road...our "choice" (as said by the Architect) will effect our final outcome. And by the time we are close to our death bed...we can pretty much see our overall result. Do we always see life in an optimistic point of view? Or are we always pessimistic? The scariest would be, being stuck in a pessimistic point of view and not be able to see the greener grass on the other side (yes...even though it is on the other side).


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