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Friday, February 04, 2005

Vanity me...

Here's some ideas!

*Use a zero percent interest cash advance for one year from a credit card and invest the money in an interest-bearing savings account.

*Also if credit cards have cash back bonuses, it makes your purchases alot cheaper!

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Of all things vanity...

What does it matter if you are wearing a Patek Philippe watch, driving a Ferrari Enzo with a temperament of a 10 year old?

I just viewed Star Trek: Nemesis on HBO recently...(yes, I am el cheapo! Don't pay for overpriced tickets when you can just watch it for free even though will have to wait a year for it!), it tried to convey an interesting point. What happens if you ARE cloned or YOU are the clone? Will life seem useless? Would you want to be better or different from your original? In fact, isn't that what we are all doing? We want to be better...different...somehow...to be set apart from the others...by the clothes we wear, the car we drive, the status symbols.

Wouldn't it be better if people can come to realize that instead of improving what we buy...jumping from a Tercel to a BMW M3, try to improve ourselves instead. By being more patient toward one another, better mannered, improving our EQ, cleaning up house, visiting a relative (improving relationships). Instead, it seems like everybody is starting to go the other way...the Tercel to BMW M3 instead of how to improve my anger management, etc. Instead of trying to improve what is on the outside...why not try to improve what is on the inside?

BE wearing a Patek Philippe watch, driving a Ferrari Enzo with a temperament of Mother Teresa.

The endeavor for daily self improvment...its as much a necessity as breathing, sleeping, eating, drinking, crapping, pissing, sex and exercising.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Borg collective...

Maybe it would all seem worth while...if all our experiences are somehow left alive...besides just remnants of what we have done, statues in honor (if we get THAT good), big corporations affecting the world from CEOs (the kings of our time).

Maybe if we are all added into a collective...like the borgs. That would somehow make it feel more satisfactory and worthy to live in.

So it seems as if what is most important right now are our experiences in life. Every small decision we make, how we talk to our neighbor this morning, how we decide to handle a task, how we decide to feel that day. No matter what we do...be it washing dishes as a job or being cut off by a rude driver on the road...our "choice" (as said by the Architect) will effect our final outcome. And by the time we are close to our death bed...we can pretty much see our overall result. Do we always see life in an optimistic point of view? Or are we always pessimistic? The scariest would be, being stuck in a pessimistic point of view and not be able to see the greener grass on the other side (yes...even though it is on the other side).

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Aren't we living in vain?

test, test...is this thing working?

So finally, I have a place to write a personal private diary for all to read. How cool is that?

So...on with my quest with life.

The big Q: What the hell are we doing here? Mission objective? So, does anybody have any clues? Ideas? I mean...we pretty much don't remember anything when we were born (not that I would want to either), wobble around till we are old enough to go to school, forced into doing tasks, taking tests and doing homework...basically doing what the elders tell you to do (whether it be parents, teachers, etc...). Repeat for the next 12 or so years and then if you get a good enough grade (as if you don't remember what you had been doing during those 12 years), you get to go to college! Yeah! Whoopee! And then what? You are suppose to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life in that 4 years of school?? So what had I been doing the past 12 or so years?? You mean I go to school for 12 or so years so I can get into college?? And THAT 4 (or more years for some) years are suppose to determine what I will pretty much do after I graduate from 9-5?? Choose the right wife, raise kids (like what happened to my tomagochi?), work your ass off so they can repeat the same process you did. Save enough for their college and hopefully you saved enough for your retirement so that you won't become dependent and have to be a pain in the ass to your kids when they repeat the same process. Hope everything goes well...eg. no deaths, accidents, fired from job, recurring health problems, etc. Enter retirement and wait for your body to fail on you and turn yourself into disgusting rotting flesh...or hopefully just a bunch of dust in a jar (a la Mr.Focker's mom).

Well...seems Earth will be doing the same thing too. Humans happened to be created because the Earth was at the right distance from the sun to culture life like bacteria cultured in the right temperature in a petri dish (Hey, I am not claiming I know everything...feel free to correct me if I am wrong). The sun will age becoming redwhite whatever dwarf...grow in size eat up the earth and hopefully people by then will have moved on to another planet...

Yeah...sounds like I am just complaining. But I am really just wondering...